Our Process

At Vac & Dash, we take pride in meeting the needs of our customers through product personalization. We offer an array of apparel customization services. Our screen printing shop, with a team of 5, if our most popular product personalization service. The process starts with an image – a logo, custom design, or anything you have in mind. Once we determine your specific needs – quantity, placement, etc. we “transfer” the perfected image to a nylon screen through an emulsion process (think old school photography). Once the screen dries, we place it on one of our shirt carousels and load it with in. A squeegee pushes the ink through the burnt image onto your shirt, which is then sent through our industrial dryer. All of your shirts are inspected for perfection, but we can make mistakes, so do not hesitate to bring in any shirts with issues back in and we will replace them. 

Screen Printing Pricing Information 

Pricing is updated in January of each year.

Last update: January 2021

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